MSA RIT Bag的詳細資料
MSA Bag for Rapid Intervention Team
This bag is for Rapid Intervention Teams and is suitable for applications such as firefighting. This particular version of the MSA bag is a standard SingleLine which has patented hose-in-hose technology that combines both high and medium pressure air supply.
MSA motionSCOUT的詳細資料
The next generation of stand-alone personal
alert safety systems motionSCOUT detects the
cessation of bodily movement and activates an
automatic alarm. For enhanced safety the alarm
can be activated manually also.
Honeywell EN T8000 SCBA的詳細資料
Honeywell T8000 is a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) that is designed to provide a superior and effective safety product for respiratory protection in firefighting and industrial usage that complies with the EN137, Type II Classification.
PAX Rescue-Boa的詳細資料
The PAX Rescue Boa makes it easy to evacuate patients from vehicles. It is based on the content of the PHTLS courses.
Multifunctional Strap的詳細資料
This strap makes it possible to extract a victim or a firefighter in distress, the transport of equipment, the mooring of fire apparatus and many other applications ... It is conditioned so that it takes up a minimum of space and is operational at all times with comfort of use with gloves.
Collier d'amarrage的詳細資料
Connected to a pipe, this device makes it possible to slide freely without friction and to pass the fittings. The user can then moor on the carabiner of the mooring collar to progress with his lance. This product is resistant to abrasion, crushing and heat.
Autoroll V6 MAX - Black的詳細資料
The Autoroll V6 Max is a simple and reliable personal link used for interventions in a smoke-filled environment for reconnaissance with a guide line. It locks at 1.25 metres without a mechanical system. The 6 metres are inside the casing.
Inflatable Decontamination Shower Tent的詳細資料
◎Personnel decontamination and disinfection station can centrally treat sewage.
◎The sewage volume is about 380L, and fire hydrant water source can be used.
◎Material: Neoprene, Hypalon, PU, TPU or PVC.
Quick Assembly Emergency Shower Decontamination Inflatable Tent的詳細資料
Material: Neoprene or Hypalon or Butyl.
Size: 450×350×250cm.
It can be used as a temporary command center, rest station, and personnel decontamination and disinfection station with strong mobility.
It has a detachable double-layer isolation design and two entrances and exits.
Breathable knit shell
Full-dipped nitrile in smooth finish for water resistance
Half-dipped nitrile in sandy finish for enhanced grip
TPR impact protection on top of hand and full length of fingers and thumb
Certified and rated for CE EN388 and EN ISO13997 level F cut resistance