details of 068 R-FLEX IMPACT NITRILE
Breathable knit shell
Full-dipped nitrile in smooth finish for water resistance
Half-dipped nitrile in sandy finish for enhanced grip
TPR impact protection on top of hand and full length of fingers and thumb
Certified and rated for CE EN388 and EN ISO13997 level F cut resistance
details of MSA G1 SCBA
• Open port design with cross-contamination protection
• Comfortable and easy to use, with low breathing resistance on and off air
• Zero electronics, reducing weight, snag hazards and cost
details of MSA M1 SCBA
details of MSA PremAire® Escape
PremAire Escape is a positive pressure short duration compressed air emergency escape breathing device (EN 402) that provides the user with respiratory protection while escaping from toxic atmospheres.
details of The Safety Star® Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet
Double-wall cabinet construction with heavy-duty steel and 38mm air space efficiently isolates from combustion.
details of Kit AE (Standard Tools) & AE-NS (With Non-Sparking Tools)
Ball Plugs
Taper Surface Plugs
Screw Patches
Lead Wool
Hot or Cold Hose Tape
Barrier Tape
Twin’T’ Patch Set
8” x 12” Hard Rubber Patch
9” x 9” Neoprene & 12” x 30” Closed Cell Foam
Wood Wedge & Felt Kit
details of SAVA Medium-pressure Lifting Bags
1.0 BAR (14.5 PSI)
Medium-pressure lifting bags provide high lifts.
details of SAVA High-pressure Lifting Bags
8 BAR (116 PSI)
High-pressure lifting bags are used for lifting the heaviest loads.
details of AR-02 Hydrowrap
Hydrowrap™ is a safe, easy to use and very convenient composite system for the repair, reinforcement or protection of existing mechanical systems, structures and piping. It is odorless and non flammable.
details of AR-01-1 Standard Poxplug
AB agent, take out the appropriate amount, fully knead and mix to fill the gap, and quickly dry in 20 minutes.
It can be used in water.
After an hour of dry solidification, it is feasible to drill, fill, thread, sand and machine.