TESIMAX VS 5 SYKAN 1 (reusable)

TESIMAX VS 5 SYKAN 1 (reusable)

SYKAN 1 has a PA matrix-base fabric coated with high-performance elastomers. Additionally,a PTFE high-performance plastic film is integrated as a protective barrier (superior wearingcomfort, low noise). Unsurpassed NBC / CBRN protection.

One-piece (gas-tight) chemical/firefighter protective suit with permanently fitted VS 5 3-layer PTFE visor (antifog), non-covered gas-tight zip (130 cm; optionally 180 cm), permanently fitted protective gloves/boot (optionally footlets) and pressure relief valves with dual cover/ protection (incl. HPF membrane).

Fabric description

• Extremely light-weight and flexible

• Reusable, washable, good ageing, weathering and ozone resistance

• Excellent mechanical properties (tear-, abrasion- and puncture-resistant) • Very good chemicals resistance to most (CBRN/combat) gases, liquids, particles, acids, solvents and alkalis

• Seam technology: high-quality thermo-taped PTFE (CBRN) seam cover (ULTRA seam)

• Colour: signal yellow (outside) or Nato olive (outside)


• 3-layer PTFE visor (antifog)

• TESIMAX safety valves with HPF elastomer diaphragm (with additional dual covering of suit fabric/HPF elastomer angle prechamber)

• Integrated (patented) braces

• HPF ULTRA elastomer zip (gas- and liquid-tight)

• Standard protective gloves: WIPAN C, size 10 (for other sizes please enquire) Alternatives: WIPAN B+ (0.3, 0.5, 1.5), WIPAN CK or WIPAN CK+

• Standard WT protective gloves: Steel glove change system Alternative: Quick-lock glove system)

• Safety boots: HPF ULTRA CHEM (according to EN 15090, EN ISO 20345 and EN 13832-3; boot sizes: 43 to 47 (please specify when ordering)

• Alternative: Footlets made of suit fabric

• Approvals: EN 943-1/-2 (type a-ET) in conjunction with EN 14325, hazardous zone 0 (static in - hibitor, EN 1149); EN 14126 (B = protection against biological agents); EN 1073; EN ISO 13688; CBRN Finabel 0.7 gas-tested (gases – complete protective suit with components)

• Weight: approx. 6 kg without extras (with footlets)

• Service life: up to 15 years according to manufacturer’s guideline

• Applications: Pharmaceuticals, clinics, military and civil defence, industry, shipping and fire brigades (unlimited)

Ordering data:

Sizes 160 to 175 cm  M

Sizes 170 to 185 cm L

Sizes 180 to 190 cm XL (STANDARD)

Sizes 190 to 200 cm XXL


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